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Should We Re-use Existing Fields in Drupal?

Drupal gives you the ability to re-use fields. If you have an "Image" field, you could choose to use that same field on every content type on your site. However, it's not always clear whether re-using fields is a good idea. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

It is recommended to create new fields, rather than reusing existing ones, unless you have a clear reason to do so.

Advantage: re-using fields can make your simpler and some content works well with re-used fields

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Setting up Drupal 8 Multisite on LAMP

Overview of the process:

  1. Install a Drupal 8 instance that will act as the root site for our multisite instance. In our example, the root site will be called d8multisite, will be reachable at, and will be installed at /var/www/d8multisite
  2. Set up a site within the multisite called site1 which is reachable at
  3. Configure site1 to have its own modules outside of the root site.

Step 1: Instantiate the master site

In this example, we install Drupal with the following steps:

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Creating a Sub Theme in Drupal 7

Creating a sub-theme is really very simple. A sub-theme inherits a lot of the design resources from its parent theme. We can have multiple sub-themes inheriting only one base theme.

It is important to know that what a sub-theme inherits from its parent theme.

A sub theme will inherit:

  • All style sheets
  • Template files
  • Functions and overrides defined in the template.php

A sub-theme will not inherit:

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How Drupal 7 Works

When a request for a page is sent by a browser , this request is received by the server hosting a drupal site. Suppose a request is sent for the page this request is received by drupal installation directory as URL user/1.
We have an .htaccess file inside drupal installation directory which is read on every request.

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Drupal 6 end-of-life announcement

On February 24th 2016, Drupal 6 will reach end of life and no longer be supported.

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